Group Coaching

Lots of writers have lofty goals, but few actually make it to the finish line.

For the first few days—or even weeks—you show up to your desk and write—really write—about this fantastic idea. 

Then, all of a sudden, your happy-dance-worthy project goes from AMAZING to MEH.

Guess what? You’ve just entered THE SLUMP—a completely normal part of the writing process that shelves many good writing projects. 

If this is you, the slumps you’re facing are completely normal. Every writer faces them. 

It’s actually PREDICTABLE. And that’s a good thing.

 Because when you know the slump is coming, you can take action to prevent it.

 As a writer, the cure for your missing mojo isn’t “more willpower” or gallons of coffee. 

 What you ACTUALLY need is a proven system for keeping yourself focusedon track, and energized no matter what.

 That way, when your willpower (inevitably) runs out, the system supports you in keeping the fire alive.

Sound like just what you need?

Every coaching program I offer includes a comprehensive system that will keep you inspired, aligned, and working toward your goals. 

They leverage the power of mentorship, accountability, and peer-spiration (that’s positive peer pressure + inspiration) to help make your success inevitable.

Instead of falling into THE SLUMP, you’ll jump into overdrive, knowing you have a system that keeps you accountable.

 Showing up to your scheduled writing dates will be a cinch.  

 Doubts about your project will turn into questions that get answered.

 Peer-spiration sessions will make scrollaxing during writing sessions and time-wasting eh-hem “platform building,” a thing of the past.

You won’t just write more,



and feel good about CALLING YOURSELF A WRITER.

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Benefits of Group Coaching


Build an individualized growth plan, learn new skills, and receive personal support that helps you succeed.


Use regular check ins, submissions, and Q&As to establish deadlines and work harder to meet your goals.


Let your peers’ successes inspire you to learn new skills, take risks, try the things that will up your writing game.


Tia Levings

“Lisa creates safe and generous spaces in which to grow, while also providing the right nudges and guidance to advance. I went from a lonely writer blindly pressing towards a dream to a confident memoirist with a clear vision for the road ahead.”
Content Writer, Podcaster, and Memoirist

Heidi Fettig Parton

“Lisa’s gift for deep listening allows her to “hear” the beats between participating writers’ words. Over the course of two consecutive 10-week group coaching sessions, I expanded my own capacity to listen to others and—here’s the really cool part— hear and trust my own writing voice.”
Writer and End-of-Life Doula

Casey Erin Wood

“I knew I needed someone to both hold my hand and hold me accountable. Lisa’s unique mix of whip smart editing and book wisdom; combined with her compassion and devotion to her client’s health and wholeness is a gift beyond measure. Need a no BS coach who’ll stand for you and your work? Hire Lisa immediately.”
Memoirist. Patriarchy Smasher. Small Talk Avoider. Believer in Magic.

Paula Boyland

“I almost didn’t sign up. At the eleventh hour a tiny voice from within suggested that maybe, just maybe, I should change my mind. I’m so happy I did. Lisa Ellison guided us in a thoughtful and heartfelt way. She gave so much of herself as she created a safe space for each of us.”
Writer, Proofreader, Founder of Virtually the Write Time

Interested in learning more?

Each year, I offer the following coaching groups:

  • Launching into the New Year: This is a 1st quarter coaching group designed to support writers as they launch a new project, or wade through the messy middle
  • Support On Submissions (SOS): This group is designed for those who are pitching essays, querying agents, or preparing to go out on submission
  • Last Dash to the Finish Line: This is a 4th quarter group designed to help writers meet their year-end goals

These popular groups fill quickly–click the link below to join my priority waiting list. This group will get an advanced alert when I launch my next group.

Students and Clients Have Published in

or Have Works Forthcoming From

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