Selected Publications

“Failing Forward: Why Every Draft Counts,” Brevity Blog, March 21, 2019

“Schmoozing for Introverts: How to Network Like a Pro,” Jane Friedman Blog, March 19, 2019

“Half-Life,” Kenyon Review Online, Nov/Dec 2018 Issue 

Re-examining the Stories We Tell About Our Lives: A Conversation with Memoirist Sharon Harrigan,” Huffington Post, September 2017

“Here’s How to Care For Yourself During These Revolutionary Times,” Huffington Post, March 2017

 “THe Ribbon Test,” Streetlight Literary Journal, February 2017

“Remembering Molly,” The Rumpus, October 2015

“My brother had mental health issues and committed an awful crime. But I love him.” The Guardian, September 2015

“Under My Skin,” Gravel Literary Journal, April 2015



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