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“Lisa is a capable, empathic and insightful writing teacher who creates and sustains a safe, warm space for students to learn and become successful mindful writers themselves.

Rita Hart, book publisher in Melbourne, Australia

“I would highly recommend Lisa even to the most experienced writer.”

Katie Rose Guest Pryal, author of Entanglement

“LIsa's incisive commentary on my work has been extraordinarily helpful. She got me to see my work in a different way and to imagine new possibilities. What more could you ask for?”

Phil Quam, Indonesia, author of Inmates” published in Word Riot

Lisa Cooper Ellison

About Lisa Ellison Cooper

Lisa Ellison is an editor, writing coach, and speaker with an Ed.S in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and a background in mindfulness. She has spent the last two decades helping clients and students turn difficult experiences into art and currently teaches courses in memoir, creative nonfiction, and mindful writing practices. Her life story and essays have appeared on NPR’s With Good Reason and in Hippocampus Literary Magazine, Kenyon Review Online, Huffington Post, and The Guardian, among others. 

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Slow Pieces Blog

Are you still playing in the amateur league?

Are you still playing in the amateur league?

I remember the exact moment when I decided to go pro. It was January 5, 2013. I’d spent the last five months battling Lyme disease, which meant nightly fevers and flu-like symptoms that were accompanied by chills that purpled my skin. Every morning when I woke up, I...

One Simple Way to Inspire the Next Generation of Writers

One Simple Way to Inspire the Next Generation of Writers

I was walking into the living room when my husband said, “Holy shit, Ruth Bader Ginsberg is dead.”  The news hit me so hard I fell into a nearby wall.  The notorious RBG was the champion of equality who flipped the system on its head,  the tiny and mighty example that...

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