#Giveaway4Good Week 3 Challenge: All Writing Roads Lead to Literary Organizations

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

All writing roads lead to literary nonprofits.

Not sure what I mean? Let me explain. 

Let’s say you’re an aspiring author who wants to get published. Where do you send your work?

Or perhaps you’re looking for a webinar or class that will help you sharpen your skills or better understand your project. Where do you look for classes if you’re not interested in applying for an MFA

Maybe you earned an MFA. Where do you go to network with other writers, maintain your passion, or present your ideas? Who puts on the conferences you attend? 

Like I said, all writing roads lead to literary nonprofits. 

This list includes literary magazines, nonprofit writing centers, and organizations that host writing classes, webinars, and conferences.

Often, these organizations are passion projects run largely on volunteer manpower, editor funding, and donations that help defray costs, pay instructors, and most importantly, pay writers like you.

During the pandemic, all literary nonprofits have scrambled to find new ways to serve their communities. For many, donations are down. Some, sadly, will not survive.

That’s why I’m dedicating week three of my #Giveaway4Good Campaign to the organizations that support, nurture, and publish writers. 

Here’s this week’s challenge. 

  1. Make a ten-dollar donation to any literary organization or support them on social media, and I’ll give you one ticket for this week’s drawing.
  2. Support Hippocampus Literary MagazineJames River WritersCreative Nonfiction, or Brevity on social media and I’ll give you two tickets for this week’s drawing. Read on to learn more about these organizations and how you can best support them.
  3. Make a ten-dollar donation (or more) to Hippocampus Literary MagazineJames River WritersCreative Nonfiction, or Brevity and I’ll give you four tickets for this week’s drawing. 

 This week’s prize is a box of author-signed published during 2020 by Sharon HarriganAthena DixonLara LillibridgeMolly HowesRose Anderson AND a spot in Jane Friedman’s self-study Query Master Class.

You’ll also get a copy of the book I recommend most frequently to all authors, The Business of Being a Writer. This prize is a $200 value, all for supporting the organizations that support you. 

Jane’s Query Master Class includes lectures on writing query letters and synopses as well as how to research agents. You’ll also get access to examples of strong query letters that will help you write yours. Writing a query letter is an essential skill for both fiction and nonfiction writers. 

The more you support these literary organizations, the more tickets you can earn. 

To participate in this week’s challenge, send an email to lisa.cooper.ellison@gmail.com. Include the name of the organization you supported and your donation amount or a screenshot of your social media post.

Looking for the best way to support my favorite literary organizations?

Here’s what they’d like you to know. 

Hippocampus Literary Magazine

Hippocampus Magazine is all about true stories: We publish 7 (online) issues a year, packed with personal essays, book reviews, author interviews, and writing-related articles. In 2015, we held their inaugural conference, called HippoCamp. This annual gathering in Lancaster, PA, brought this community to life — so many friendships, so many opportunities! (We’re excited for its return in 2021!)

The success of our literary journal is the driving force behind the literary community we’ve built through HippoCamp, and it’s the heart of what we do. Like many lit mags, we’re a volunteer-runmostly editor-funded publication, and your generous support will help us keep our pledge to offer author honorariums, as well as help with some of our essential expenses, like web hosting, postage, and supplies. Thank you for your consideration!” Donna Talarico-Beerman, Founding Editor

Your donations to Hippocampus Literary Magazine’s friend’s program support:  

  • Writers for Writers Submissions Fund
  • The costs associated with running an online magazine, including technology, marketing subscriptions, postage, advertising, memberships, printing, and event space rental
  • Audio-visual equipment for online events

To make a ten dollar donation to Hippocampus Literary Magazine, click here

Other ways you can support Hippocampus Literary Magazine:

  • Read a Hippocampus Magazine story or article, comment on it, and share with followers on at least one platform.
  • Suggest a Books by Hippocampus book to a local library, indie bookstore, or to a friend/family member as a holiday gift idea. 
  • Add a Books by Hippocampus book to the “to-read” section of your Goodreads account. If you’ve read one of their books, write a review for both Amazon AND Goodreads. 


Brevity Literary Magazine

“Brevity has always been most excited about providing publication opportunities to writers who have either never published before or who are early in their writing careers, especially when this also allows space for marginalized voices or little-heard perspectives, and we’ve rejoiced over the years to see those that we published early landing their first book deals and establishing solid literary reputations. We still publish newer writers alongside some of the more well-known authors in our magazine, and we are especially proud that we are able to pay our writers for their work.”  Dinty W. Moore, Founding Editor

Your donations to Brevity support: 

  • Their ability to pay their writers and expand their mission of supporting both established and emerging authors.  

To make a ten dollar donation to Brevity, click here

Other ways you can also support Brevity: 

  • Subscribe to Brevity’s blog
  • Read and share their posts on social media
  • Follow Brevity on Instagram @Brevitymag 
  • Send a copy of The Best of Brevity to a writer, teacher, or friend (This will earn you four tickets.)


Creative Nonfiction

“At Creative Nonfiction, we believe that crafting and sharing true stories based on real-world experience is one of the most powerful tools humans have for communicating information, fostering empathy, and changing ourselves, our culture, and the world.”  Lee Gutkind, Founding Editor

Your donations and subscriptions to Creative Nonfiction support:

Their diverse range of publishing and educational projects and programs that help writers develop their craft, achieve their goals, reach audiences, and make an impact. Your donations support their ability to pay their instructors and their authors.

To make a ten dollar donation to Creative Nonfiction, click here

Other ways you can support Creative Nonfiction:

· Subscribe to their quarterly magazine (This will earn you four tickets!)
· Join their email list, especially the Sunday Short Reads
· Share their calls for submissions (or submit your own work)  


James River Writers

James River Writers offers connection, support, and inspiration for writers and lovers of the written word. Through year-round programs, our annual signature writers conference, and regular opportunities for networking and idea-sharing, we provide everything writers need to thrive, regardless of where you are on your writing journey. During the pandemic, it has become abundantly clear how essential the arts, and especially literature, is to a thriving society. Books enable us to escape and feel like we are understood. Writers make books happen. James River Writers creates a community that helps produce successful and supported writers. We are proud to continue our efforts, with great feedback, throughout the difficulties that we have all experienced during 2020.” Katharine Herndon, Executive Director of James River Writers 

Your donations and membership support:

  • Professional development for writers at all levels of expertise
  • Scholarships awarded to aspiring writers
  • A platform for writers to share their work and expand their audiences
  • Vital opportunities for connection within the writing community

To make a ten-dollar donation to JRW or become a member, click here

And, if you’re planning on purchasing books as gifts this holiday season (or treating yourself!), consider doing so via their JRW Bookshop storefront. Proceeds support indie bookstores as well as JRW. You can shop their featured titles from their JRW community of writers, or search for any other titles you may be looking for! (This will earn you four tickets!)

Other ways you can support James River Writers: 

  • Following them on Facebook and Twitter,
  • Subscribe to their  e-newsletter
  • When you see them sharing their programs and the accomplishments of their writing family through their communications, you can then turn around and share them with your sphere of influence, helping us all reach a wider audience. 

Whether you’re a fledgling writer or a pro, literary nonprofits are an essential part of your writing life. 

They inspire you, educate you, and publish your work.

And, they need you. 

For the next week, supporting these organizations can enter you in a drawing for some fabulous prizes. 

Support your favorite literary organization, then send a email to lisa.cooper.ellison@gmail.com.

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