Photo of an eclipse to represent exhaustion and the need to declutter your mind.

3 Essential Questions to Declutter Your Mind

Last week was INTENSE. 

Despite having a schedule packed with much-anticipated events, I had a case of the “I don’t wannas.”  

Everything seemed to take FOREVER.

On top of this, I felt really really tired.  

Baffled, I found myself walking around the house saying, “WTF????” 

According to astrologers, a hectic swirl of contradicting emotions, mishaps, and exhaustion are common during eclipse season. That’s because eclipses are harbingers of change. They destabilize us to make way for what’s next. Existing in this state of flux is why we need additional rest.

But rest isn’t just about lounging in bed or binge-watching shows.

A recent Instagram post by The School of Life suggests that to truly rest we must “sift through the chaotic contents of our minds,” so we can make sense of what’s happening around us.

You can declutter your mind by taking time each day to answer three questions:

  • What’s making me anxious?
  • What’s causing me pain and how?
  • What excites me?

When journaling or writing morning pages, many of us focus on one of these questions, but how often do you answer all three?

Crack open my journal and you’ll find plenty of hurts, anxieties, and gratitudes. But what excites me? That’s a question I’ve neglected.

Adding it to my writing practice has had dramatic results. My dreams are sharper and more insightful. I have a stronger connection to my body and inner voice. Best of all, seeing the good on the horizon makes it easier to let things go.

Because I’m writing this before the eclipse, I don’t know how events unfolded.

But what was it like for you?

What realizations did you have?

How are you feeling now that it’s over?

Hit reply with a one-sentence insight and the question you’re most likely to skip. Like me, it might be the one you most need to address. 

I’ll write about my eclipse discoveries in next week’s newsletter. For now, here are a few of my favorite pieces on this celestial phenomenon:

Until next week, may your periods of rest, and the whispers of insight you hear, inspire you to write on.

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