Writing through Challenging Times

Writing Through Challenging Times

A Mindfulness-Based WRiting Course

Writing Through Challenging Times: A Mindfulness-Based Writing Course


4 Tuesdays, 5/5/20 – 5/26/20

1:00 PM EDT – 2:30 PM EDT 

All Meetings will be held using Zoom

This is a pay-it-forward class (see below)

Limit 10 students

We are living through an unprecedented situation. The news cycle is set to warp speed. Each hour brings new headlines about the COVID-19 virus, stock market plunges, and closures.

Right this minute, your mind is telling a story about those headlines – a story that is subtly affecting your health.

Now is definitely the time to take care of yourself—that includes where you place your focus.

Writing Through Challenging Times: A Mindfulness-Based Writing Course is a program designed to help you manage stress, practice creativity in a time of crisis, and tap into your resilience. Because this is a pay-it-forward class, it will also give you an opportunity to combat feelings of helplessness and serve your community.

What is a pay-it-forward class? 

Because of the impact COVID19 has had on communities across the world, I have significantly reduced the price of this class to serve the greatest number of people. In addition to the reduced price, I will donate 50% of all proceeds from this class to Feeding America. The rest of your payment for this class will come in the form of four acts of service to your community.

How you serve is up to you and your health.

Activities could include

  • Donating to local charities who serve residents in areas of critical need
  • Buying gift cards to support your local bookstore, restaurant, or other business impacted by this situation 
  • Calling neighbors and relatives who might struggle with isolation
  • Reaching out to healthcare workers in your family and asking how you can support them
  • Running errands for elderly or immune-compromised neighbors
  • Sharing resources on social media
  • Sharing your talents or skills with others online

What to Expect

Each week, you’ll spend our 90-minute Zoom session practicing mindfulness, writing about whatever you wish, and connecting with other human beings in a safe, supportive environment. While writing between classes is totally allowed, there is absolutely no homework. 

A few more details about Writing through Challenging Times: A Mindfulness-Based Writing Course:

  • The class will run on Tuesdays, starting on 5/5/20 and ending on 5/26/20.
  • We will meet from 1:00 PM EDT – 2:30 PM EDT.
  • This class is limited to 10 students. If demand is high, I will open a second section on Thursdays at the same time.
  • The suggested donation for this course is $125. The minimum donation is $75. I will offer 1 scholarship pot for this class to a writer with a significant financial need. 
  • You will be required to complete four acts of service to your community as part of this course.
  • This course is open to new and experienced writers of all genres. No experience with mindfulness is required
  • Got questions? Send me an email

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to practice mindfulness to take this course?

No experience with mindfulness is required for this class.

Is this class appropriate for new writers?

Absolutely! This is the perfect opportunity to build a sustainable writing practice and meet writers who can become part of your writing community. 

Does it matter what genre I write in?

This course is open to writers of all genres. While I will provide prompts during each session, you can write about anything you like. 

How much work will this class require?

This is completely up to you. All you need to do is show up to class and write. There is no homework. If you want to write between classes, go for it. But that is truly extra credit. 

Registration for this section has closed. 

Please click here to register for the Thursday section of this class. 

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