Kick your writing critic to the curb with the use of mindfulness!

These hybrid mindfulness-based writing and coaching sessions are equal parts writer meet-and-great, creative pick-me-up, and problem-solving sessions.


Twice monthly sessions will be announced through my newsletter.

All sessions will be held on Fridays from 1:00 PM EDT – 2:30 PM EDT using Zoom

Ideal For

Writers interested in silencing their internal critic, writing more and with greater ease.

These groups are appropriate for all skill levels and all genres.


Free! These sessions are my gift to the writing community.

During each Write More, Fret Less Mindful Writing session, we’ll begin with a brief meditation. This will be followed by a writing period where you can work on whatever you like. After the writing period, you’ll have an opportunity to share your writing or your process with another writer in a format that follows a safe, nurturing, supportive format. During the final 30 minutes of the session I will offer some light coaching and answer your burning questions.

Session Benefits

Silence Your Internal Critic

Mindfulness declutters the brain and lowers our self-judgment.

Produce More

When coupled with meditation, timed, co-writing spaces lead to greater accountability and focus.

Uncover and Address Stumbling Blocks

Through co-writing, you’ll discover your stumbling blocks. In-session coaching can address them.


“I appreciated her use of meditation as a way into writing; it kept my nervousness at bay. I highly recommend her courses!”

Nora Demleitner

“Lisa is a gifted instructor both in terms of her knowledge of writing and feedback. I would immediately sign up for another of her courses!”

“I can’t stop thinking of the last session. Count me in!”

“Lisa’s sessions inspired me to take creative risks and feel safe sharing my work with other writers. The process taught me how to trust my intuition when writing.”

Want to join the next session?

All sessions are advertised in my email newsletter.

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