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Want to Supercharge Your Writing Life? Join My Giveaway4Good

In March 2020, I believed my business was about to go belly up. 

After allowing myself a few days of panic and grief, I decided to use my gifts to support writers struggling with pandemic fear and isolation. This was the inspiration that led to my Giveaway4Good campaign.

As a former therapist, I knew three things about resilience:

  • When we focus on gratitude, we claim our power. 
  • When we give, we improve our mental health. 
  • From a place of hope, anything is possible.

I designed a donation-based course called Writing Through Challenging Times, where writers came together to meditate, write, and share their work. Between classes, they completed random acts of kindness. 

The generosity of these students continues to humble me. Some made significant monetary donations. Others helped neighbors or designed programs to support their community. 

The more they supported others, the more their lives opened. Worry lines dissipated. Projects were designed. They wrote a lot. 

Several students have since published books, gotten agents, or had other major publications. 

The process showed me how good giving is for the creative process. So, at the end of 2020, I created my first Giveaway4Good Challenge. Like Writing Through Challenging times, it was an opportunity to support writers and their communities. 

During the first three years of this challenge, the generous writers on this list have donated almost $40,000 to charitable and literary organizations. 

Today is Giving Tuesday. I’m sure your inbox is inundated with requests from organizations that need your help. Now and through December 28th, you can help these organizations by participating in this year’s Giveaway4Good Challenge. 

Before I give you the details, let me tell you why participating will SUPERCHARGE your writing process. 

Giving supports your sense of connection and wellbeing. The mood boost that follows relaxes the brain, which can lead to project breakthroughs.

Giving creates hope. Hope empowers us. When we feel empowered, anything seems possible. This can serve as a buffer against rejections. 

Giving improves your physical health. Giving lowers blood pressure and reduces the stress response, which has an immediate impact on your body. This is important, because we often think of our minds as the seat of creativity, but our bodies carry our truths. Strengthen the body and you strengthen your connection to that truth. 

Here’s how to participate in my Giveaway4Good Challenge: 

Option One: 
  • Donate $25 (or more) to the charitable or literary organization of your choosing. 
  • Send me a screenshot of your donation.
  • You’ll be entered into Soul Start 2024 AND earn ONE ticket into my Giveaway4Good drawing. 
  • Donations above $100 will earn THREE tickets into the drawing. 
  • The more charities you donate to, the more tickets you can earn. 

Option Two: 
  • Sign up for Soul Start 2024. 50% of the proceeds from this 2-hour class will be donated to Mental Health America
  • Registration also awards you ONE ticket toward my Giveaway4Good drawing.

Option Three (for those with financial challenges):
  • Complete 5 random acts of kindness and 1  thank-you letter to a mentor.
  • Send me an email describing your random acts of kindness and sharing the following about your letter:
    • Who you sent it to
    • Why you sent it to them
    • The thing you’re most grateful for
  • Complete this task, and you’ll be registered for Soul Start 2024 and earn one ticket into my Giveaway4Good drawing. 

What You can Win By Entering My Giveaway4Good Challenge

Entry into Soul Start 2024: Everyone who completes one of the three options listed above will be registered for Soul Start 2024, a 2-hour dynamic session designed to help you identify and clarify your soul goals, and then work to turn them into a reality. 

Entry into my Giveaway4Good Drawing: I’m switching it up this year, so that the more you give, the more prizes I give away. 

  • If the challenge earns between $1,000 – $4,000, I’ll give away ONE 1-hour coaching session, plus a 10-page manuscript review.
  • If the challenge earns between $4,000 – $6,000, I will give away the session above PLUS an additional 1-hour coaching session. 
  • If the challenge earns more than $6,000, I will give away the two sessions above PLUS an additional 30-minute coaching session.
  • If the challenge earns more than $10,000, I will create one bonus prize for a super lucky winner.

You’ll receive ONE ticket toward the drawing for each donation, or each time you complete option three. 

TWO tickets will be awarded for those who give to a charity that supports mental health, like The Women’s Initiative

THREE tickets will be awarded for donations to nonprofit literary organizations, like Hippocampus Literary MagazineBrevity, or James River Writers.

All donations and tasks must be completed by 12/28/23. 

Winners will be announced in the 1/2/24 edition of my newsletter. 

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