Thirteen Week Submission Support Group: Learn to Write Killer Pitches, Essays, and Op-eds that Get Published

Three Spots Left!

You’ve been working on a book-length project for a while (or maybe just thinking about one) and need some strategies that will help you make sense of this story.

You’re interested in being not just a writer but a published writer, but you’re not sure how to go about it. Should you keep writing the book or stop and publish a few smaller pieces?

Everyone keeps telling you about this author platform you need to create, but you’re not sure what it is or whether it will require you to (insert gag noise here) spend countless hours on social media.

Sure, there are tons of online resources out there, but you need someone to help you make sense of the process and your writing.

First, here’s the good news:

The best author platform for a writer is published writing.

To get there, you need proven strategies that can help you attract editors and get them to love your work.

Enter the Thirteen-Week Submission Support Group.

During this program, you’ll learn what an author platform is, how to identify the topics that most interest you, the components of a pitch, op-ed, and personal essay, and how to write both timely and timeless material.

Over the next thirteen weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to work on and submit three essays for feedback, benefit from expert coaching and mentorship, learn from a group of motivated peers who are walking this journey with you, and use this process to both build your platform and understand the larger projects you’re working on.

Learn the skills that will help you transition from someone with great ideas to the role of published writer.

1 Fall Class

Thursdays | 9/15/22 – 12/15/22 4:00 – 5:30 PM ET

Ideal For

Writers interested in building their bylines as they work toward the publication of a book-length project

Skill Level


Students and Clients Have Published in

or Have Works Forthcoming From

During this program, you’ll learn:

  • What an author platform is
  • How writing great bylines is THE BEST way to build one
  • How to build your author platform beats
  • The difference between an op-ed and a personal essay
  • How and when to write a great pitch
  • How to write both timely and timeless material
  • How to improve your work

Best of all, you’ll experience the invaluable synergy that happens when writers do this work together.

This small-group intensive is limited to 4 writers.


Tia Levings

“Lisa creates safe and generous spaces in which to grow, while also providing the right nudges and guidance to advance. I went from a lonely writer blindly pressing towards a dream to a confident memoirist with a clear vision for the road ahead.”
Content Writer, Podcaster, and Memoirist

Heidi Fettig Parton

“Lisa’s gift for deep listening allows her to “hear” the beats between participating writers’ words. Over the course of two consecutive 10-week group coaching sessions, I expanded my own capacity to listen to others and—here’s the really cool part— hear and trust my own writing voice.”
Writer and End-of-Life Doula

Casey Erin Wood

“I knew I needed someone to both hold my hand and hold me accountable. Lisa’s unique mix of whip smart editing and book wisdom; combined with her compassion and devotion to her client’s health and wholeness is a gift beyond measure. Need a no BS coach who’ll stand for you and your work? Hire Lisa immediately.”
Memoirist. Patriarchy Smasher. Small Talk Avoider. Believer in Magic.

Paula Boyland

“I almost didn’t sign up. At the eleventh hour a tiny voice from within suggested that maybe, just maybe, I should change my mind. I’m so happy I did. Lisa Ellison guided us in a thoughtful and heartfelt way. She gave so much of herself as she created a safe space for each of us.”
Writer, Proofreader, Founder of Virtually the Write Time

Program Perks

World Class Coaching

Learn specific skills targeted to your individual goals, then work on them at your own pace.

Workshops and Written Feedback

Receive targeted feedback on your project and your process as part of a dynamic, supportive group.


Regular peerspiration sessions will not only hold you accountable, they’ll inspire you to up your writing game.

How does this program work?

The program is divided into two segments that leverage the power of mentorship, accountability and peer-spiration (that’s peer pressure + inspiration) to help make your success inevitable. During the live coaching segment, you’ll receive instruction on issues pertaining to structure, participate in structure workshops, and get your questions answered. During the program’s biweekly “peerspiration” sessions, you’ll sit side-by-virtual-side with fellow writers, share your goals, and work on your own project. (Trust me, you’ll get SO much done!)

During our time together, you’ll get:

  • Seven ninety-minute group coaching sessions, including hot seats, workshops of your project, progress reports, group guidance, and strategic advice from Yours Truly
  • Six ninety-minute peer-spiration sessions where you’ll sit side-by-virtual-side with fellow writers, share your goals, and work on your own project (Trust me, you’ll get SO much done!)
  • Written feedback on your beat sheet, synopsis, misperception matrix and a portion of your chapters summaries
  • Unlimited email access to me
  • Membership in a cohort of motivated, talented writers who will support your success

Who is a good fit for this program?

  • This is an intermediate level program best suited for writers who’ve taken some classes on the fundamentals of writing and who are familiar with terms like author platform, op-ed, and personal essay.

Wondering if that’s you? 

“Lisa is a skilled and generous writing coach and editor. I’ve experienced Lisa as a workshop leader, course presenter, and editor — and in every instance, Lisa has been consistently insightful and able to meet me and my writing just where I need it most (even when I don’t know quite what that is). Lisa generously shares her deep understanding of the writing process along with a rich array of craft tools — and models for her students and clients the mindfulness and self-care essential for nurturing a rich and healthy writing life.

Leslie Middleton

Writer from Virginia

This is an investment in your writing career.

By the end of our time together…

  • you’ll understand the components of your unique author platform,
  • you’ll know where you’d like to publish your pieces AND how to go about it,
  • you’ll have a clear vision for how you’ll work toward publishing your essays,
  • and best of all, you’ll feel confident and prepared to do it.

This is an investment in you and your success. As a part of this group, you’ll receive excellent resources and examples, individualized instruction, feedback on your writing, and world-class coaching that will take your project to the next level.

And some benefits of this program, like membership in a cohort, are priceless.

Who Might Not Be Ready

  • Writers brand new to the writing process
  • Fiction writers who are interested in publishing short stories

Have a few questions?

Check out the program FAQs

Program Cost

Full Payment
  • World-Class Coaching
  • Accountability and Inspiration
  • Knowledge that will help you publish your work
  • Skills that will help you build a great author platform
3-Installment Payment Plan
  • World-Class Coaching
  • Accountability and Inspiration
  • Knowledge that will help you publish your work
  • Skills that will help you build a great author platform

A 5-installment payment plan is also available upon request.

Lisa helped me write for a general audience and gently coached me to the finish line. Her confidence in my work has helped me excel. She is an outstanding teacher, editor, guide, cheerleader, coach, and critic. She played all those roles, often at the same time, while helping me with my book proposal. Her questions were not just revealing but eye-opening. She always lends a supportive ear and gets back in record time. She is a fountain of knowledge and insight. Her editorial suggestions were always spot on. Without her, much of my writing would sit in a computer file, untouched.

Interested in confidently building your author platform?

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