Slowing Down Can Speed Up Your Writing Life

Ever since March, I’ve received the same message: slow the eff down. 
It shows up in cards I choose, neighborhood signs, and email messages. 
Slowing down is my least favorite thing to do. As a toddler, I cried every night when my mother put me to bed. I thought sleep was a waste of time. If I closed my eyes, I might miss something important.

Apparently, I had FOMO before FOMO was a thing. 
I’m still terrible about going to bed. 
But I’ve learned an important lesson: if the universe is sending you a message, listen to the whisper or prepare for the scream. 
Once, that scream came in the form of a truck smashing into the back of my car. At the time, slowing down was also the message. But I ignored it until the crash. Three months and a bunch of torn muscles later, I promised to heed the whisper. 
So, I’m slowing down. Waaaaay down. 
That means less time on social media, fewer activities, and simpler meals. 

Life feels more spacious, and in that wide-open place, I hear my stories calling. 
What’s the universe saying to you? 
What are its signs? 

What happens when you don’t listen? 
How are you going to respond? 

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