Individual Coaching

Does any of this sound like you?  

  • “I’ve got a great story, but I’m not sure where to start.”
  • “My writing project has suddenly stalled.”
  • “I’m about to query, but I worry about my author platform.”
  • “I’m struggling with the “out-on-submission” blues.”
  • “Holy hell, I’ve got a book deal. Now what?”

I get it. Writing is hard. We all have our blind spots.  

Successful writers find out what they are.

That’s where I come in.      

I can help you become the type of writer who actually achieves her dreams.

Youve got the passion and creativity; I’ve got the expertise. Together, we can get your stories written and published.

Individual coaching is the perfect place to work through specific personal barriers in your writing life, take risks from a place of support, gain clarity on an idea, or learn how to build or expand your author platform.

Each one-on-one coaching session gives you the space, support, and guidance to discuss your goals, establish a plan for success, and start working to achieve it. These virtual sessions are conducted by phone or Zoom video call, so you can attend from the comfort of your home, office, or writing studio.

Stick with me and you’ll:

  • finish your projects
  • celebrate more acceptances
  • feel proud of your work
  • know how to authentically reach your readers
  • think strategically about your platform and book launch

Students and Clients Have Published in

or Have Works Forthcoming From

Ways I work with writers:

Project Launch & Completion Support

Working on a dream project? Let’s develop a plan for completing your first draft.

Platform Assistance

Can’t connect with your audience? I can help you build a platform that’s effective and authentic.

Working Through Creative Blocks

Feeling stuck, worn out, or drowning in doubts? Together, we’ll identify and address the problem.


Lynn Shattuck

“Lisa possesses the rare ability to show up as a sensitive and supportive presence while simultaneously honing in on opportunities where writers can make improvements. She’s an absolute gift to the literary community.” 
Writer on Parenting, Grief, and Sibling Loss

Lisa Pruitt

“For me, writing a book has “taken a village,” and I could not have done it without Lisa Cooper Ellison on my team.  She knows about all the things that trip up writers, and her support and wisdom have been invaluable.”
Law Professor, Author of What Have You Done With My Mother (forthcoming from Norton)

Yolande House

“What I love about Lisa’s coaching sessions is that her insightful advice is also trauma-informed. Lisa offers not only helpful writing advice but empathy and insight. I highly recommend working with Lisa in any way you can.”
Memorist, Essayist, Prose Poet

Leanne Sowul

“Lisa’s coaching sessions provide it all: empathetic, intuitive teaching alongside practical, actionable recommendations. Lisa will help you find your focus and envision your writing future”
Writer, Teacher, Musician, and Creativity Activist

Interested in working together? Check out my coaching packages:

  • Jumpstart: Single Session without manuscript review – $200
  • Tune-Up: Single session with 10-page (2,500-word) manuscript review – $300
  • Launch: Four coaching sessions without manuscript reviews – $800
  • Project Revise or Reboot: 4 coaching sessions + 2 10-page manuscript reviews – $1000
  • The Intensive: 4 coaching sessions + 4 10-page manuscript reviews – $1200
  • The check-in: 30-minute session – $100

Please note that my individual coaching slots are highly coveted and frequently sell out.
Most are reserved for established clients working on long-term projects.

Don’t want to wait for an individual slot?

Check out my upcoming coaching groups.

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