#Giveaway4Good Week Two: Why supporting literary organizations is an investment in your writing life, and how doing so can help you win prizes.

When I was a special education teacher, it often felt like there were never enough resources, money, or love for the children I served. Sometimes that sense of not enough was so big I wondered if I should even try.

Only in retrospect can I see the difference I made. Sometimes that’s still true.

Last week, we raised $7317.25 for charitable organizations!

This week, the focus is on our literary community. 

Here’s your challenge:

Make a $10 donation to any literary organization and you’ll earn one ticket into this week’s drawing for: 

In case you’re wondering, yes, it’s the same prize package as last week’s drawing. That’s because these books are so essential.  

You’ll also be entered into my grand prize drawing for a one-year membership to James River Writers, a 3-pack of webinars from The Crow Collective Online Writing Workshops, one Jane Friedman webinar of your choice, a 10-page manuscript review plus one-hour coaching session with me, and a query letter review by Allison K Williams.

More donations equals more tickets.

You can earn three tickets for $10 donations to Hippocampus Literary MagazineBrevity, or James River Writers. You can also earn three tickets for buying a copy of The Best of Brevity or purchasing a class through the Crow Collective Online Writing Workshops.

To enter, all you need to do is email me screenshots of your donations. That’s it.

If you haven’t heard of the Crow Collective, you must check them out. This Canadian-based writing organization is run by the blue-haired story maven, Sage Tyrtle. I’ve had the pleasure of writing with Sage and experiencing her expert facilitation. I also personally know several of her instructors. Your life will be changed by working with them. Plus, the courses are incredibly affordable, which makes this a win-win.

Here’s why your donations matter: 

Most writing organizations are volunteer-run passion projects funded just above the bottom line. Sometimes those funds come directly from the people who run them. This is especially true when an organization is in its infancy or we’re experiencing, say, a pandemic. 

Many have had to reinvent themselves to deal with COVID. Yet even while navigating ginormous pivots, these organizations have shared their knowledge and inspiration through online classes, webinars, conferences, and blog posts. They’ve read and published our stories, hosted online readings, and organized free events—all while struggling with the same COVID-related crud and setbacks experienced by the rest of us. 

Maybe you’re wondering why you should give to a writing organization when there’s so much else going on both in your life and in the world. Ask yourself where you’d be without them.

Who would publish your writing? 
Who would organize the conferences that allow you to speak with literary agents or meet your next writing BFF?  
Where would you connect with or expand your network?
Who would teach you how to become a better writer?

Ten dollars is the equivalent of three Starbucks lattes or one Chipotle burrito bowl (at least in the USA).

If five people became Friends of Hippocampus at the $3 per month level (or fifteen of us donated $10), we could fund a $150 travel stipend for a HippoCamp Literary Conference scholarship winner. If twelve of us became Friends of Hippocampus  (or forty of us made $10 donations), we could cover contributor honorariums for one bi-monthly issue of Hippocampus Literary Magazine. 

If fifteen people donate just $10 to James River Writers, we could sponsor a student scholarship for its nationally recognized annual conference. If twenty-five people did this, we could subsidize a scholarship for an adult writer in need. In 2021, thanks to generous donors, seventy-five writers who wouldn’t normally be able to make the conference were able to attend.

If twenty people donate to Brevity or buy a copy of the Best of Brevity, we could support honorariums for their authors and the expansion of their teaching resources.

Writers who generously donate $100 or more will be entered into an exclusive drawing for a storytelling coaching session with Amy Eaton. These donors will also get access to a free mindful writing course with me. This is in addition to the other prizes I’m offering.


Low on funds? 

You can still support these organizations by subscribing to their newsletters, following them on social media, and sharing two social media posts about a current offering, a recent essay or story they’ve published, or why you love them so much. Send me email proof via screenshots, and you’ll earn one ticket into this week’s drawing.

The deadline for this campaign is Monday, December 13th at 7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

I now know that every effort counts, even if we don’t see an immediate difference. Thank you in advance for supporting our beloved writing community. Doing so is a commitment to your writing life and a demonstration of the love we have for each other.


As you consider what is yours to do, write on and be sure to send me an email with your donation information.



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