Full Book Proposal Review

Your hard work belongs on agents’ and publishers’ desks, not the slush pile.

Don’t waste your precious queries on a proposal that’s not ready for prime time. With a full book proposal review, you’ll get comprehensive feedback on all facets of your proposal that will help attract the agent and publisher attention you’ve been working toward.

The Process

  • We’ll schedule a 30-minute meeting to discuss your vision for this project and the work you’ve already put into it.
  • I’ll complete a detailed review of your entire proposal (up to 30,000 words) that will teach you the three questions every proposal must answer and how well you’re answering them. Then I’ll send you the results.
  • We’ll meet for a one-hour coaching session to discuss your next steps.

Once we’ve completed this engagement, you can purchase additional coaching sessions to help you complete this project.

* Proposals longer than 30,000 words would require an additional fee.

“Crafting an impactful book proposal seemed so intimidating at first. I knew I’d only have one chance to make a first impression. Lisa offered insight, experience, and collaboration every step of the way. The result was an impressive proposal I’m proud of, positive feedback from all 5 agents I queried, and a choice in who I want to represent me. Lisa walked me from “scared” to “signed.” 

Tia Levings

Content Writer, Podcaster, and Memoirist, represented by The Bindery Literary Agency
Full Proposal Review
TWO payments of
  • Comprehensive feedback on your manuscript
  • Instruction on the THREE questions every proposal must answer
  • A coaching session to discuss your next steps
Full Proposal Review with Next Steps Coaching
FOUR payments of
  • Comprehensive feedback on your manuscript
  • Four Coaching sessions
  • Feedback on TWO 25-page documents
  • Clear guidance around the querying process

“Lisa isn’t just a writing coach. She’s a book doula!”

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