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Raise your hand if you stare at a blank page and hear any of the following thoughts:

  • Who am I to call myself a writer? 
  • How will I know if my writing is good enough? 
  • What if I need to learn new skills?
  • How do I take what’s in my head and make it beautiful? 

The writing life can feel lonely sometimes–but no successful writer gets there alone. Group classes are the secret weapon of writers committed to improving their craft.

Whether you’re writing a memoir, scripting creative nonfiction, or learning the art of storytelling, my classes can take you from first page to final product. 

Classes are perfect if you want to:

  • Develop your technical and creative skills with hands-on assignments
  • Embrace your inner artist and take your writing career seriously
  • Practice taking creative risks in a safe and supportive environment 
  • Receive invaluable feedback from a thoughtful audience
  • Get consistent accountability and reach your  goals

You’ll leave each class with greater confidence, a sharper focus, and a community that will cheer you on.

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"Lisa's empathic approach to coaching–coupled with her expert insight into the ins and outs of the forgiveness process–left me in awe of my ability to reckon with the complicated, lovable people who play a role in my story. I walked away from Lisa’s course a changed writer.”

 Dana Mich, writer and founder of the Moving Forewords Memoir Collective

“Lisa is the most compassionate yet knowledgeable instructor I’ve ever worked with. Her preparedness, structure, and time management are super."

–2019 Memoir in a Year Student at WriterHouse, Charlottesville, VA

"Lisa Ellison guided us in a thoughtful and heartfelt way. She gave so much of herself as she created a safe space for each of us."

 Paula Boyland, writer, proofreader, and host of Virtually the Write Time

Ready to become the writer you always dreamed of? 

Scholarships Available!

Interested in taking a class or scheduling a coaching session but have a significant financial need? A limited number of scholarships are available for coaching sessions and classes taught through Revising U. Learn more

Frequently Asked Questions 

How are these classes different from other online courses?

As an award-winning essayist and former mental health counselor, I teach a unique and layered way of writing and revising your stories from the inside and out. In 2015, I studied with Brené Brown and became one of the first writing coaches to combine Brené’s approach to wholehearted living with the creative process. Over the years, I’ve helped 100s of people envision and realize creative success by providing the right tools at the right time along with honest, solutions-focused feedback that will help you take your writing to the next level. Former students have published pieces in USA Today, The Hill, Word Riot, The Dead Mule School, Atticus Review Literary Journal, and Medical Literary Messenger, among others.

I’m new to writing classes and nervous about getting critiques. Will I be judged?

Developing a safe and supportive environment is my number one priority as a writing instructor. When we feel safe, we are willing to take risks. In those risky places, we create our best work.

How do I know if I need a class or private coaching?
Classes are a cost-effective way to develop skills like scene writing, pacing, dialogue, and character development. They can also help you understand the emotional or technical aspects of the writing process like forgiving your characters, developing chapter summary outlines, or understanding book and essay structures.

Classes that include a workshop component offer benefits that one-on-one coaching does not. Reading and analyzing both published and student writing broadens your understanding of what’s possible. When you analyze and provide feedback to other students in a workshop setting, you learn skills that directly improve your work. Just ask Jeremiah Chamberlain

Beyond technical improvements to your craft, you’ll experience personal growth in ways that are unique to the classroom experience. Accountability to a group strengthens accountability to yourself. In group settings, questions will be asked and answered that you might never think of on your own. When a group of writers bear witness to your story, they help you build confidence and tap into the most authentic parts of yourself. 

How much effort will this take?
The effort required for each course varies by topic. Seminars, webinars, and conference sessions simply require you to show up. Most workshops and classes include homework assignments. All Revising U courses will suggest the amount of time you should invest in each class. All assignments are arranged in a hierarchy from “essential to class participation” to “optional.” Because you’ll have lifetime access to the material, you can always return to an assignment if you are unable to complete it during the course.
How much prior experience do I need?
Certain courses are great for beginners while others are designed for more experienced writers. Each class will be labeled as Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, or All Levels. If you have any questions about whether a course is right for you, simply send me an email.
How will these classes transform me into a better writer?
In every class you’ll
• Develop an understanding of your unique writing process
• Learn how to listen to and capture your authentic voice
• Practice technical skills that will improve your writing
• Create an actionable, achievable vision for your project
• Commit to a plan for moving forward
What if I can't afford a course?
All Revising U courses include various payment plans. Newsletter recipients frequently receive discount codes that can make classes more cost-effective. I also offer a limited number of scholarships for writers with significant financial needs who are dedicated to the writing process.

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