Camp Structure FAQs

What are the dates for this program?

Two sections of this course will be offered in the fall.

One section will meet on Tuesdays, starting on 9/6/22 and ending on 12/13/22 from 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT.

The second section will meet on Thursdays, starting on 9/8/22 and ending on 12/15/22 from 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT.

Writers will be admitted for ONE section.

What happens during the two-hour coaching sessions?

During the first session, writers will introduce themselves to the group, identify their goals, amass their resources, and develop a plan for staying on track. 

During the next thirteen sessions, each writer will have two chances to be in the hot seat, which includes a 20-minute workshop of your project, based on what tool will best help you understand the structure for your book.

Writers who submit manuscripts for review will receive written feedback from me in addition to feedback shared during your hot seat session.

Not in the hot seat? You’ll have 10 minutes to report on your progress, ask for guidance, and receive support from your peers. The last 20 minutes of our session will be open for any remaining questions.

Between workshop one and two, writers will attend a 20 minute individual conference and group planning session designed to help them take their story to the next level.

During our final session, we’ll explore what you’ll take away from this experience and how you’ll integrate the lessons learned into your writing project.

What are the writer’s expectations?

Writers need to make a clear commitment to their goal by

  •     attending and participating in all seven coaching sessions,
  •     working consistently on their projects,
  •     honestly addressing any obstacles, and when appropriate, asking for help,
  •     and showing up for your peers during our coaching sessions.

You will be expected to read any work submitted to the group so you can participate in the coaching session, but you are not required to provide written feedback to anyone.  

Why do I need to read my peers’ work if I don’t have to provide written feedback?

When you read another writer’s work-in-progress, you’ll discover the strengths and weaknesses in your own manuscript. You’ll find yourself simultaneously inspired and motivated to work harder toward your goals.

And, just so you know this not my original idea, see Jeremiah Chamberlin’s Glimmer Train post “Workshop Is Not for You.”

How do I show up for my peers?

Writing the occasional one-sentence note of encouragement to a peer who’s struggling.

 Attending the five peer-spiration sessions and sharing any tips you’ve learned through your creative experiences, and modeling success by staying on track and working on your project.

If I’m trying to meet my goals, why in the world do I need to show up for someone else?

We learn best when we give a little of ourselves to others. Your peers are highly motivated, talented people who are as committed to their projects as you are. Giving a little of your time will remind you that we succeed together. This is how you develop a support network that lasts well beyond our coaching group.

What’s a peerspiration session?

We learn best when we give a little of ourselves to others. Your peers are highly motivated, talented people who are as committed

Peer-spiration sessions are coworking and collaboration sessions you will attend using a secure Zoom link.

During the first 15 minutes of the session, you’ll discuss your intentions and what you hope to accomplish. You can also ask for encouragement.

During the next hour, you’ll turn off your Zoom video and audio and work independently on your project knowing your peers are doing the same.

During the final forty-five minutes, you’ll report on what you accomplished, share any struggles, and offer suggestions and inspiration to keep the whole group moving forward. During these sessions you’ll have opportunities to talk through your work with peer and brainstorm new ideas for your manuscript.

So, what’s the cost?

The cost of this thirteen-week program is $1,295 if you pay in full, or $1,320 if you pay in 3 or 5 installments.

If you pay in 3 installments, your first payment of $440 is due upon registration.

If you pay in 5 installments, your first payment of $264 is due upon registration.

Contracts are required for all payment plans. 

Invoices must be paid promptly. If they aren’t paid within one week of the issue date, I will offer the slot to another writer so I can ensure the group gets filled.

Failure to make second or third payments will result in your dismissal from the program without the possibility of a refund. 

Why this price?

Ever blown off a webinar you paid $20 for because you had a headache? Let’s not talk about the free seminars you’ve signed up for and “forgotten.” We invest in our projects based on what we think they’re worth.

This is an investment in you and your project. This is about what you think you are worth.

The money you’re paying is not just for my guidance. It’s a form of paying into your accountability bank.

Are there any payment plans?

Payment plans will be made available to those who request them. An initial payment will be required upon registration. Subsequent payments will be due on a regular schedule. Dates will be assigned based on when the course is being run.

Are there any refunds for this program?

When I work with writers, I’m a hell yes, all-in kind of coach. I want you to be a hell-yes all-in kind of client.

As a result, there are no refunds for this program.

However, given the fluid nature of our pandemic world, I am willing to discuss alternatives if someone experiences extenuating circumstances beyond their control.

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