Building Your Critique Group: Meet Writers and Learn How to Work With Them

Maybe you’ve been looking for a critique group for a while.

Or perhaps you’ve sworn off them after a few bad experiences.

Either way, you know that feedback is a key part of the writing process, and you can’t spend all your money hiring professionals.

But how do you find the RIGHT Group?

What do you do if things don’t go well or there are personality conflicts?

What if you want out?

Enter Building Your Critique Group: Meet Writers and Learn How to Work With Them. During this guided meet-and-greet you’ll learn a specific critique group format,  interview potential writing group members, and follow a short-term plan for getting together. When the program’s done, you can decide if this is truly the group for you.

Ready to meet writers and learn how to work with them?


Friday, June 3, 2022

1:00 PM EDT – 2:30 PM EDT

Ideal For

Writers interested in joining or forming a new critique group.

Skill Level

All levels

During this program, you’ll learn:

  • How to decide what you need from a writing group 
  • How to interview other group members 
  • How to use a guided process to critique manuscripts
  • How to communicate effectively with the members of your group 


Dr Heidi Kharbhih

“Lisa Cooper Ellison‘s classes and webinars are outstandingly informative, packed with useful information and a wealth of resources.” 
Writer, Speaker, Intuitive Reader, Coach and Meditator

Leanne Sowul

“Lisa’s classes and coaching sessions provide it all: empathetic, intuitive teaching alongside practical, actionable recommendations.”
Writer, Teacher, and Creator, Author of the Joyful Creative Newsletter


“This class was AMAZING!!!! I could have used a class like this years ago! Thank you so much!!!!!!.”
Build Better Critique Group Participant


“This is the second workshop I attended with Lisa Cooper Ellison. I really value her very concise teaching style! Every word was helpful.”
Build Better Critique Group Participant

Program Perks

Detailed Workbook

Get a detailed workbook that contains critique group best practices, feedback guidelines and so much more.

Structured Process

Receive targeted feedback on your project and your process as part of a dynamic, supportive group.

Contact Information for Writers

Regular peerspiration sessions will not only hold you accountable, they’ll inspired to up your writing game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who this class is designed for:

  • Writers of all genres who are looking for a group. 

Who won’t benefit from this class:

  • Writers who are happy members of an established writing group 

When does this class start?

  • This course begins and ends on Friday 5/20/22. It runs from 1:00 PM EDT – 2:30 PM EDTThis course begins and ends on Friday 5/20/22. It runs from 1:00 PM EDT – 2:30 PM EDT

What if I have to miss the webinar?

  • Because this is a live, interactive event, attending in person is a must. If you discover a scheduling conflict two days before the session takes place, you are welcome to a full refund of your purchase price. 

What is the cost for this class?

  • The cost for this class is $25 per student. Payment can be made using a credit card or PayPal account.

Do I have to have experience in a critique group in order to attend? 

  • Writers of all experiences levels are welcome to attend this session. 

What if I don’t find a group? 

  • While I can’t offer a 100% guarantee that you will find the perfect group, I will do my best to match you with other writers whose interests are a good fit for your needs. If, as the event approaches, that doesn’t seem likely, I will offer a full refund. 
  • Because your satisfaction matters to me, if after the session ends, you are unhappy with the process, I will also offer a full refund. To obtain this refund, you must report your dissatisfaction before the final webinar materials are distributed to the group. This will happen 24 hours after the event takes place. 

How will I know if this is a safe space to do this work?

  • I have twenty years of teaching experience and special training in group facilitation. I will establish group norms for the entire process, which everyone will agree to as a part of participation. 

“I’ve participated in a number of critique groups over the last several years but it wasn’t until I listened to Lisa’s analysis of such groups that I understood why certain groups worked & others didn’t This workshop is a must-take workshop for anyone thinking about forming, joining or improving a writing critique group!!”

Build Better Critique Group Participant

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