Book Proposal Reviews

Thought any of these lately?  

  • “I want to query certain agents or small presses, but I have no idea how to write a book proposal.”
  • “How can I tell if my chapter outline and sample chapters aren’t strong enough?”
  • “l’m so overwhelmed by this process, I want to give up.”
  • “Can’t I just go back to writing my books?”

A strong book proposal can attract the agent or publisher of your dreams. But many writers get overwhelmed with the process.

I’ve got the listening and envisioning skills that can get your project noticed.

As a trauma-informed writing coach, my listening prowess allows me identify the project and platform strengths you can’t see. Together, we’ll capitalize on them as we work to make sure you’ve created a page turner.

I’ve spent the last eight years helping writers like you attract agents and publishers. My proven process includes:

  • High quality instruction on the book proposal process
  • Establishing clear goals
  • Targeted interviews designed to help you answer the three questions all proposals must answer
  • Delivering clear and actionable feedback and a clear revision plan

Work with me, and you’ll receive the kind of individualized attention that helps you prepare your proposal for the querying process.

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Ways We Can Work Together

Chapter Outline/Sample Chapter Review

Worried about the quality of your sample chapters or chapter outline? Let’s make sure your writing shines.

Full Proposal Review

Already created a proposal? Keep it out of the slush pile with a comprehensive assessment.

Book Proposal Development

Have a fantastic idea, but not sure how to turn it into a book? Let’s see if we can turn your concept into a viable manuscript.


Tia Levings

“Crafting an impactful book proposal seemed so intimidating at first. I knew I’d only have one chance to make a first impression. Lisa offered insight, experience, and collaboration every step of the way. The result was an impressive proposal I’m proud of, positive feedback from all 5 agents I queried, and a choice in who I want to represent me. Lisa walked me from “scared” to “signed.” “
Content Writer, Podcaster, and Memoirist, represented by The Bindery

Nora Demleitner

“Lisa helped me write for a general audience and gently coached me to the finish line. She is an outstanding teacher, editor, guide, cheerleader, coach, and critic. She is a fountain of knowledge and insight. Her editorial suggestions were always spot on. Without her, much of my writing would sit in a computer file, untouched.”
President of St. John’s College, represented by Andy Ross

Gretchen Pianka, MD

“Lisa isn’t just a writing coach. She’s a book doula! ”
Pediatrician and Founder of Resilience University

Current Client

“Lisa’s book proposal reviews are amazing and so thorough. Her direction is clear and so on target.”

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