Camp Proposal: Thirty Days to Build the Best Business Case for Your Book

The book proposal your memoir or creative nonfiction book needs, with the support you deserve.

Dates: May 31, 2023 – June 30, 2023

Have you wondered if writing a book proposal is a waste of time?

Do you find the process intimidating and the shift from creative writing to sales writing to the best business case for your memoir a struggle?

Are you spending what feels like eons of time trying to navigate the flood of advice on writing a book proposal? And feeling defeated because accomplishing it in A WEEKEND FEELS TOO FAST and you want time + support to think it through?

If you LOVE YOUR PROJECT and SPEND HOURS scouring books, watching webinars, reading blog posts, and attending short courses on the proposal hoping to get yours right…

But no matter how much you learn, you find yourself staring at the blank page with shivers down your spine… and even when you manage to draft a few sections, nothing seems good enough… and the whole process feels like sucking on a garbage-flavored lollypop… I HAVE GOOD NEWS.

Introducing Camp Proposal: Thirty Days to Build the Best Business Case for Your Book

Camp Proposal was designed to help you develop a clear understanding of your project and give you the confidence to sell it. Participants will strive to get their proposals 100% done (possibly minus sample chapters) within 2 months and be ready for querying and/or platform building in the fall. 

During this thirty-day supportive group coaching intensive, you’ll:

  • Build a proposal-writing success plan for this book AND your next one
  • Learn how to nail every proposal section 
  • Discover what agents and publishers care about 
  • Benefit from lessons, co-working sessions, and peerspiration –– as well as more handholding support than any other proposal class out there

Here’s how it works: 

  • This program starts on 5/31/23 and ends on 6/30/23. That’s 31 days of intensive support on one of the most important documents you’ll write, with the exception of your book. 
  • On the following five Wednesdays (5/31, 6/7, 6/14, 6/21, and 6/28) I’ll teach live webinars from 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT that provide in-depth instruction on every aspect of the book proposal. These sessions will be recorded so you never miss a thing.
  • To hold you accountable, I’ll offer optional co-writing sessions on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 11:00 AM – 12:15 PM EDT for the duration of the program. Show up to as many as you like. 
  • And, to make sure you never feel lost or without aid, I’ll hold office hours every Friday from 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM EDT throughout our class. Just pop in to ask a question and then leave when your’e ready. 

That means you’ll have up to 48 hours of my attention and support during this intensive. 

Write a book proposal infused with confidence and “yes” energy

30% of proposal writing is knowing how to write the proposal and 70% is managing the head game that comes with writing one.

The time to begin working on your book proposal is earlier than you think. This course is ideal for the creative nonfiction or memoir writer with a completed or nearly-completed manuscript –– and who knows querying with a strong book proposal in hand is the next step towards publication.


“Lisa helped me write for a general audience and gently coached me to the finish line. She is an outstanding teacher, editor, guide, cheerleader, coach, and critic. She is a fountain of knowledge and insight. Her editorial suggestions were always spot on. Without her, much of my writing would sit in a computer file, untouched.”

 Nora Demleitner

President of St. John’s College, represented by Andy Ross, Built to Punish forthcoming from Prometheus Press

“Crafting an impactful book proposal seemed so intimidating at first. I knew I’d only have one chance to make a first impression. Lisa offered insight, experience, and collaboration every step of the way. The result was an impressive proposal I’m proud of, positive feedback from all 5 agents I queried, and a choice in who I want to represent me. Lisa walked me from “scared” to “signed!”

Tia Levings

Represented by The Bindery, A Well-Trained Wife forthcoming from St. Martin’s Press (2024)

Managing the Head Game of Memoir Proposal Writing

If you’re white-knuckling your way through this document, that head game can become a proposal-halting fear fest that slows you down, or worse, causes you to give up.

This comprehensive 30-day program will TEACH YOU WHAT TO DO and HOLD SPACE FOR YOU while you do it*

Program Benefits:

  • Five instructional webinars with Q&As (Yes, they ARE recorded)
  • Daily co-writing sessions
  • Weekly office hours
  • Expert coaching
  • A comprehensive workbook
  • Membership in a cohort of motivated writers

Fabulous things you’ll learn to do:

  • Write a kick-ass overview that makes you excited to sell your book
  • Understand how your book contributes to important conversations
  • Identify who your book is for and how to market to your readers
  • Ensure your book holds together
  • Build sample chapters that wow your readers
  • Experience the joy of a job well done.

*If you don’t have a manuscript yet but have an idea you want to pursue, you can still sign up for the course. You’ll come away with a greater understanding of your project and what’s needed to make it marketable. You may also be interested in signing up for Camp Structure


  • Week One: Understanding your proposal and building your success plan
  • Week two: Designing your chapter summaries and selecting (or writing) your sample chapters
  • Week three: Exploring your author bio and selecting your comps
  • Week Four: Identifying Your audience and marketing to them
  • Week Five: Writing an overview that sells YOU this book and mastering the proposal synergies that impress agents and publishers

PLUS, you can purchase my BONUS “SECRETS TO THEIR SUCCESS” INTERVIEWS SERIES with authors who’ve written their proposals AND SOLD THEIR BOOKS, including Tia LevingsCatherine Baab-Muguira, and Denise Massar Within each interview, you’ll receive the tips, tricks, and hard-earned wisdom that will help you take your project across the finish line. Transcripts and essential links each author recommends will be provided with each interview.

Alumni can also  SIGN UP FOR MY AUGUST WORKSHOP SERIES  where I’ll provide feedback on student work. This is yet another bonus ONLY AVAILABLE to Camp Proposal students. During this four-session class, we’ll workshop select items from student submissions and explore what’s working and how to take your proposal to new heights. Even if your submission isn’t selected, you’ll LEARN TONS from the process. Hell, you might learn EVEN MORE from reviewing someone else’s work.

Pay in Full
  • Instructional Webinars
  • Expert Coaching and Accountability
  • Membership in a Motivated Cohort of Writers
  • Comprehensive Workbook
Pay in Three Installments
  • Instructional Webinars
  • Expert Coaching and Accountability
  • Membership in a Motivated Cohort of Writers
  • Comprehensive Workbook

Sign Up for All Three and Save $$$

Save $50 when you purchase the June Intensive, “Secrets of Their Success” bonus video series, and the August Proposal Workshop.

Payment plans are also available for this option.

“Lisa isn’t just a writing coach. She’s a book doula!”

Gretchen Pianka, Pediatrician and Founder of Resilience University

About Camp Proposal

Camp Proposal is the course for memoir and nonfiction writers who are preparing to sell their work, feel blocked or overwhelmed by the process, and crave measured support spread over a month––not crammed into an intense 48 hours.

It is not for fiction writers, those planning on self-publication, or writers who don’t like group intensives. If you are new to memoir and creative nonfiction get started with my group coaching sessions.

What is the schedule for this book proposal course?

Every day for five weeks, there’s time set aside for your proposal.

Every Wednesday, from 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT, I’ll go over a key component of the proposal and take your questions. These sessions will be recorded, so you’ll never miss a thing. 

On the other days of the week, I’ll run daily co-writing sessions from 11:00 AM EDT – 12:15 PM EDT where you can benefit from peerspiration (that’s positive peer pressure + inspiration) while working side-by-side on your project. The co-working sessions will not be recorded and you are not required to attend them.

On Fridays from 2:00 PM EDT – 4:00 PM EDT, I’ll hold weekly office hours where you can pop in and ask a question. 

What’s included in the Camp Proposal Workbook?

The workbook includes instructions for completing the seven most common proposal sections along with tip sheets, organizers, and links to additional information and tools you can use to write your proposal. 

How do office hours for Camp Proposal work?

You do not need an appointment to drop into office hours. Just show up when you have a question, and feel free to leave once it has been answered. Because these are drop-in sessions, it’s possible you’ll have to wait your turn, but you might learn something important yet unexpected by sticking around. 

At the end of every co-writing session and weekly webinar I’ll answer a few questions, so you never have to feel stuck or wait for Friday.

What kind of author platform do I need to write a good book proposal?

This course offers you the PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to FIGURE OUT WHAT YOUR BOOK IS ABOUT and design the kind of author platform that will make you attractive to publishers and agents. 

This course offers you the PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to FIGURE OUT WHAT YOUR BOOK IS ABOUT and design the kind of author platform that will make you attractive to publishers and agents. 

Do I have to sign up for Camp Proposal to purchase the Secrets of Their Success Interview Series or take the August workshop?

Yep. This is a special benefit ONLY AVAILABLE to Camp Proposal Students. 

I get the temptation to bypass the June session, but it’s required. During the August Proposal Workshop Series, we’ll hit the ground running, which means there won’t be time to explain things you might have missed. 

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