Writing to Heal: The Power of Personal Writing Monday 6/18/18 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM James Madison University Summer Institute in Counseling $90


Memoir in a Year Part I: Writing the First draft of Your Book-Length Memoir Thursdays, 1/18/18 - 12/13/18 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM WriterHouse $1,349

Past Classes:

The Gifts of Grief: A Retreat on Writing Through Your Loss, WriterHouse Seminar Winter 2018 (Co-taught with Deborah Prum)

"Lisa and Debby are excellent, clear, organized, insightful, and compassionate."  - WriterHouse Student

"Kindness, reassurance, acceptance. It was well-structured. Writing vs non-writing activities. Time flew by." - WriterHouse Student

"Great women. Really gently and thoughtfully approached the topic as a way to make the space safe for all." -WriterHouse Student 

Before You Hit Submit: Three Questions Every Writer Should Ask, Jefferson-Madison Regional Library Northside Branch Fall 2017

Tools of the Writing Trade: Tricks and Tips for Finding and Maintaining Inspiration, Jefferson-Madison Regional Library Central Branch Fall 2017

Your Life as a Story, WriterHouse Class Fall 2017

“Very supportive environment. I really did feel the “love it to the next level.” It was instructive and interesting but required no defenses.” - WriterHouse Student

“Lisa is an outstanding instructor. She is able to combine teaching the craft of writing with a sense of what is important to the writer—to write honestly and what is true for you.”- WriterHouse Student 

“Lisa is a gentle, knowledgeable, kind soul who is so generous with her time, talent and concern.” -WriterHouse Student

The Writer's Life: Setting Goals and Planning What's Next, WriterHouse Seminar Fall 2017

“Created safe atmosphere for sharing; knowledgeable about writing challenges and how to work with them.” - WriterHouse Student 

“Lisa is easy to be with, a wonderful facilitator of time. She gave excellent tips and answered questions beautifully.” - WriterHouse Student 

“I loved Lisa's fluency with mental health, holistic living material, and her continued mention of 'what serves you." WriterHouse Student 

From Memory to Memoir, WriterHouse Seminar Summer 2017 Daytime Creative Nonfiction, WriterHouse Class Summer 2017

“Keeps time well. Moves class along at good pace. Like the meditation moments, timed writings. She gives every person encouragement, understanding; articulates her impressions of our work well.” - WriterHouse Student 

“Lisa creates safe a container for difficult memories and painful feelings.” - WriterHouse Student 

Writing 101: The Elements of Good Storytelling, WriterHouse Class Spring and Summer 2017

"Excellent instruction. Personal commitment to mindfulness. She knows her discipline and can convey information from personal experience as well as scholarship in the field. Encouraging!"--WriterHouse Student

"She was very organized, gave appropriate examples, and extensive feedback. I cannot think of any ways she could improve. It was great!" 

Writing with an Open Heart, WriterHouse Class Fall 2016, Winter 2017

“Managed the class and goals well. She had a great array of authors for us to learn from and I really liked the excerpts she read before class. Also, just being aware of our needs as writers and how we can grow!”-WriterHouse Student 

“Always encouraging. Knowledgeable about writing. I learned a lot about memoir.”-WriterHouse Student 

Writing Down Your Bones, Piedmont Community College Class Spring 2016 and Fall 2016

"Lisa has a very strong presence as a teacher and was excellent at facilitating us as a group"- PVCC Student

"The writing exercises and mindfulness were interwoven so effectively, instructor/ encouragement really top-notch" - PVCC Student